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aTypo Picture

aTypo Picture

Welcome to "aTypo Picture - Amazing Typographic Picture"! A free and fast App to make your photo look like art.
To transform your photos you have to choose a picture from your photo album via "Open Image" and push "Edit Image".
Within the edit screen you can change everything:
- text: fill in the words you want
- texture: try different textures via "Select Texture"
- font color: there are 4 different levels - select every color you want - we recommend to select different colors
- presets: try one of our 45 aTypo presets
With the "Apply" button in the menu screen you can change the words' distribution - just try it!
You can create really fancy pictures - of course you can send your art to your friends or save it on your device.
We are sure you will love it!
If you have any ideas or questions feel free and write a recension.
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Help Video:
Price: Free
Last update: 20.12.2012
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