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BLACK FIST Ninja Run Challenge

BLACK FIST Ninja Run Challenge

John Hunt wanted to be a part of a secret order named "Black Fist". The Black Fist were fifty brave men who risked their lives to protect the innocent people.
The order was seated in a fortress at the top of the northern mountains. John risked the hard climb and was well received by the order's leader.
He told John about the admission procedure - five extremely dangerous challenges. John accepted.
Now help John to survive the first challenge - the Ninja Run!
This runner game is filled with action and pure adrenalin.
Story mode: To survive the first challenge you need to be faster than the ghosts of the north - so run, jump and fight against different enemies. Collect coins to buy helpful items in the store.
Black Fist - Ninja Run Challenge is completely free to play, but in-game items can also be purchased for real money, like the arcade modes for endless fun. Try the endless runner game or the fight training (swordplay and archery).
- Awesome 3D-graphics and animations
- realistic physic engine
- four different themes
- intuitive controls
- story and arcade (endless) modes
- Play Center enabled: Beat the highscore! Challenge your friends! Gain all achievements!
- several powerups and items (e.g. stronger weapons)
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Enjoy BLACK FIST - Ninja Run Challenge!
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