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Orbit Photo Editor Bundle

Orbit Photo Editor Bundle

Orbit Software presents our first photo app bundle:
1. Multi Photo Edit
Do you know the following problem:
You had a photo session but the light was too dark or the sun was shining and overexposed the photos? Now you have to run a photo editor and edit each photo. But in all editors you can not save or copy the parameters for each photo. So you have to move sliders again and again. For each photo.
Now this time is over because YOU have a new photo editor which is rapid and has a lot of new features. These features you don't find in a standard photo filter program. It's time for: Multi Photo Editor - MPE!
Get it now and edit more than one photo in a row!
How it works:
1. Select the photos you want to edit
2. Edit one photo and copy the parameters to all other photos ( JUST 1-TAP! Amazing, isn't it? )
3. Just swipe and have a look at all other photos
4. Now save all back to your photo library!
This will save you a lot of time and by the way: If you need to scale/crunch them for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Co. you can do it with again just one simple tap.
2. Picture Suite
Generate crazy pictures with Picture Suite
In this version we have added a lot of tools to make really awesome pictures. You have 10 tools with more than 200 effects! Just have a look.
Colorfilter Tool
More than 60 color filters with editable parameter - e.g.:
- white/black with contrast editable
- sepia with color editable, atmosphere, burn, fog, lava, metal etc.
aTypo tool
You can change everything:
- text: fill in the words you want
- texture: try different textures via "Select Texture"
- font color: there are 4 different levels - select every color you want - we recommend to select different colors
- presets: try one of our 45 aTypo presets
Color splash tool
1. Use Colorsense mode to select a color and threshold
2. Edit your picture in Color mode. Add color to regions or paint back to greyscale
3. Recolor a region if you want
3. Save or send photo
4. Finish
3D tool
With following effects you have now the possibility to create really funny pictures:
- create a picture through a fisheye (with 2 types)
- use the slider to generate a bump
- stretch your photo to create a stunning effect
- move a wave through your picture
- you can also stretch in X or Y direction
- let your photo look like a big qubic
- second wave etc.
Texture Tool
You have more than 150 textures - e.g.:
Layer Tool
Use our Layer tool to bring the images together. It is really easy and you can choose images from your photolibrary or pasteboard. 19 different blendmodes will give your photo a special point of view.
Text Tool
Add a message to your picture or just make a 3D font and put it on a photo. You can edit the fontsize and fontcolor. The text can be bold or italic. Place your text wherever you want on your photo!
3. Char
Get into the mystery of Char and enjoy our app.
Make fantastic 3D holography or just amazing art photography
4. aTypo Picture 2
+ New Algorithm + Enjoy it! +
+ Choose from two total different algorithms +
5. aColor Mosaic
Generate mosaic pictures with aColorMosaic- Amazing Color Mosaic. Just look at the screenshots!
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Price: $ 1,99
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