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Spider Panic

Spider Panic

Spider Panic - Attack of the monster killers
Get the first endless Virtual Reality SWARM SHOOTER for iPhone and iPad and enjoy this pure action game.
This action is real! --- This game is different!
YIIEEEKK!! Monster Spiders every where. Get up your sofa and defend your war-turret from the creeping spiders attacking you from all directions. Holding your iPhone like a camera in your hands you shall turn around, aim at them and hold down the trigger. Do not stand still, because they coming slow and FAST. Alone or as a swarm. Warriors and Jumpers. Bumpers and Mamas! Or all at once!
Use the radar to recognize from which direction they coming or just move and look around. And do NOT forget to reload your weapon by tapping the turret icons or choose your second weapon. In hard situation just use your megablast and kill all spiders at once.
Main features are:
- gyroscope steering
- virtual realtiy swarm shooter
- a lot of different weapons
- different types of enemy
- different items like long radar, health kit etc.
- 3 different worlds
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Play now and enjoy this awesome action game!
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