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Goalkeeper Duel

Goalkeeper Duel

One-Tap soccer game for two players! So dump, it's fun.
New top multiplayer mobile game! Winner of 'Best Multiplayer Game'
--> 2 Players, one screen!
--> 1 Player mode with computer opponent
--> 2 Player mode: Challange your friends
--> Awesome comic-style graphics
--> Laola wave, if you hit the goal!
--> 3 difficulties for all modes: Easy, Medium and Hard
--> Record, watch & share replays with Everyplay
How to play:
First Player: Tap on the beam to kick the ball as fast as possible! Try to hit the green area!
Second Player: Try to get the ball: Tap the glove at the right time!
Help Video:
Price: 0.89 EUR
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