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Multi Photo Edit

Multi Photo Edit

Multi Photo Edit - Edit all your photos with 1-Tap
Do you know the following problem:
You had a photo session but the light was too dark or the sun was shining and overexposed the photos? Now you have to run a photo editor and edit each photo. But in all editors you can not save or copy the parameters for each photo. So you have to move sliders again and again. For each photo.
Now this time is over because YOU have a new photo editor which is rapid and has a lot of new features. These features you don't find in a standard photo filter program. It's time for: (M)ulti (P)hoto (E)ditor!
Get it now and edit more than one photo in a row!
How it works:
1. Select the photos you want to edit or are from one photo session
2. Edit one photo and copy the parameters to all other photos ( JUST 1-TAP! Amazing, isn't it? )
3. Just swipe and have a look at all other photos
4. Now save all back to your photo library!
This will save you a lot of time and by the way: If you need to scale them for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Co. you can do it with again just one simple tap.
Photo editing was never been so fast and easy.
Multi Photo Editor Features:
- Edit Contrast, Brightness and Saturation
- Edit Highlights and Shadows
- Edit Exposure
- Edit Temperature
- Edit Hue
- Edit RGB Channels
- Curve Tool: Edit the RGB, Red, Green or Blue component of your photo
- With the curve tool you can make your own filter!
- But we have 20 predesigned great filters:
- Filters: Lomo, Cross-Process, T-Max, etc.
- Edit Sharpness
- Imagesize: resize and/ or crunch your photos
Features for a single photo:
- Crop tool: crop your photos
- Rotate: rotate your photos
Now download Multi Photo Editor! The fastest editor exclusive for your iPhone - the power house!
If you have any questions/ problems/ or ideas just leave an email:
Help Video: Watch
Price: $ 2,99
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