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QuadCORE - The CORE Revolution

QuadCORE - The CORE Revolution

Rapid 3D arcade game for tough players and hypnotizing light graphics!
Do you like hard games? Dodge electric fields at fast super speed using a cool new "magnetic" control scheme. Scrape along the sides, hover through the middle, or squeeze by at the last millisecond by splitting in two!
QuadCORE is pure high speed twitch gaming. Beat the world record.
How it works:
1. Touch and hold top left to slide top left
2. Touch and hold top right to slide top right
3. Touch and hold bottom left to slide bottom left
4. Touch and hold bottom right to slide bottom right
5. Touch and hold top left & bottom right to split
6. Touch and hold bottom left & top right to split
Now avoid the tiny and big electric field and steer the QuadCORE through the data pipeline!
Download for free and enjoy our new game.
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Price: Free
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